About Cédric Colin

I have loved sports since I was a child and decided to make a profession out of it. I began with gymnastics for ten years, and then turned towards martial art sports, like French Boxing and Judo. But it was only when I discovered Capoeira and Breakdance, that I found a major challenge: Precise control of body and power was required. This led me towards Fitness and workout methodologies and the aim to reach a set objective. The decision to become a professional personal trainer and physical trainer was a natural consequence.

I have been advising successfully persons with a specific objective (weight loss, bodybuilding, pathologies, moms-to-be) for more than ten years now. The Belgian National Ladies Hockey Team and many professional football players were amongst my clients.

What is my objective? To reach yours

Training programs

Weight loss

My focus here is on cardio workout, in particular on circuit training, where the body is working, the fat loss is increased and the muscular strength is kept.

Toning/Body building

This workout is done with weights and targeted moves to work on the parts, where a modification is needed (density, strength, hypertrophy).

Prenatal workout

Pregnancy brings about changes in the posture (lordosis pronounced in the lower back, collapse at the higher back …), as well as weight increase. This can be limited, while keeping maximal safety for mother and baby.

Fitness/Martial Arts

My vast experience in the fields of fitness and boxing/judoka, as well as Capoeira and breakdance, which I still practice myself, is the base for my workouts.

Specific workouts

Each sport requires specific aptitudes and muscles. I propose tailor-made workouts to help you progress in your discipline.

Group exercise

Practicing with several people allows an emulsion? and therefore gives better results. I offer to teach at the specific level and objectives of each group.


The first test session is free, when buying a package of 10 sessions. The fee is valid for the zone of Brussels.

1 session*

  • one hour training
  • postural check up
  • body check up
  • nutrition check up
  • fitness test
  • basique mouvement
*10 session pack start at 600€ or less
1er First session free

Group session*

  • stretching
  • core training
  • discovery session
  • Session découverte
  • capoeira / breakdance
  • boxe
*From 3 people.

Team Building*

  • fitness/classes
  • team sport
  • orienteering race
  • lifestyle conference
  • nutrition
  • massage
*number of coaches is adapted for the participant

Contact Chill

Don’t hesitate to contact me via this form to make an appointment or simply to get more information!

Where to find me

Fitness Gym
Aspria Royal La Rasante
Rue Sombre 56, 1200 Brussels, Belgique.
Private studio
137 rue des combattants
1082 berchem Saint Agathe
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